My name is Daniel Lie and I am novice hobby photographer. Born and raised in beautiful Norway. My interest in photography started in 2009 when I got my first DSLR, the Nikon D60. At the time, I mostly shot in “full AUTO” mode, thinking that was the way to go. After a few years, my interest slowed down and my Nikon started to collect dust.

Last year (2016), my interest got a major boost again and I decided that it was time to really learn about photography this time around. I started off with upgrading to a second hand Canon EOS 100D. It was quite the upgrade for me, especially since I am a photographer on a smaller budget. I sold the kit lens that came with the camera and the Nikon zoom lense I had and bought the great Canon EF 50 mm f 1.8 STM prime lens. The lens has mostly been sitting on the camera ever since. In fact (apart from a few of the landscape pictures featured on the website), most have been taken with that lens. As Trumph would have said it himself: “It’s the greatest. It’s so great. It’s the best”.

Although I started off with an interest in shooting landscape (with various results), my main interest is in capturing our four legged friends. Just like humans, each and everyone is an individual. What attracts me with animals is trying to figure out what they might be thinking, doing or trying to tell us, be it with a sound, or just with their body language. It’s very exciting don’t you think?

Now a year after, I’ve learned a lot about photography and still learning something new each day. I’ve been so lucky to be able travel places and capture moments which are special to me. They might not be the best composed pictures, nor the correct way of doing it, but they preserved a moment in time that I saw, (and captured) that will forever be with me.

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Thanks for reading.